Brenda CobbBrenda Cobb, founder of the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, personally healed breast and cervical cancer without surgery, chemo and radiation with her all natural approach using organic raw and living foods, detoxification, cleansing and emotional healing. She developed a Healthy Lifestyle Program to help others learn how to slow and reverse aging and heal all types of diseases and she has helped thousands of people from all over the world. She has written 10 books including “The Living Foods Lifestyle®” and was awarded an Honorary Cultural Doctorate in Therapeutic Philosophy from the World University and the Phoenix Award by the City of Atlanta as well as numerous awards from other organizations recognizing her amazing work. She is featured on many documentaries including “Healing Cancer From Inside Out”, “Eating” and “The Rave Diet” and has been seen and heard on CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX and numerous other television networks and radio shows. Brenda once considered her own health journey as the biggest challenge of her life, but all of that changed on November 10, 2014 when her precious son and only child, Richard, took his own life after a battle with an addiction to prescription medications.  Richard was Brenda’s biggest supporter and business partner and when he was gone Brenda realized that her biggest challenge now is living everyday without her son here on planet earth and continuing to go forward in a way that will honor her son and continue to help others by sharing her story.